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100 Best Reasons Why I Love You

What can be a better present for him than a love poem? 23 Each time I find myself aggravated I remember your dorky grin and the way you tap my nose like we are children playing games and the laughter bubbles up from me and sets my midn at ease.

Why I Love Him Poem by Chantelle Nixon

Where one of us begins, Or the other person ends.

20 Absolutely Beautiful Love Poems

If ever wife was happy in a man, Compare with me, ye women, if you can.

Why I Love You Poem

And the last time you tried to sing to him, well.

I Love You Poems For Him

I feel lucky in life that I have you Never thought we would go so far when our love was so new.

Cute Love Poems for Him, Romantic Poems for Boyfriend

Top romantic i love you quotes for him.

Cute Love Poems for Him, Romantic Poems for Boyfriend

You are like a soldier, that makes me feel you're always there And when you disappear my heart is full of fear.

I Love You Poems for Husband: Love Poems for Him

I love you each evening when my body shall tire.

Cute Love Poems for Him, Romantic Poems for Boyfriend

Oh, love, what a beautiful feeling.

Love Poems for Your Boyfriend that will Make Him Cry

21 My knight in shining amour rides his noble mare to defend my honor and tangle up my hair with him curling fingers and with his deeply hum tapping on my heart strings singing out our love.

Cute Love Poems for Him, Romantic Poems for Boyfriend

Who says that men are interested in physical proximity and nothing else can attract them? this sounds like the same thing that i feel for my boyfriend i love him so much and i would do anything for him he is my dreams and it's hard to sleep knowing he's not by my side and i cry and i wounder is he going to leave me but i know it has to be somewhere in his heart saying he loves me and i love him the same to.