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Remington 700 or 1100 serial numbers can be decoded the same way as Remington 870 serial numbers.

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So even if it the code stamping was used on the same model that could have been production over MANY years, in all likelihood sights or stocks would be different which would indicate the different date.

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Aug 25, 2017 — Search: M1a Serial Number Lookup.

Dating My 1894 sxs Damascus Shotgun serial 102257?

These two letters are usually stamped on the barrel of the weapon for you to see clearly if you simply try to look for it.

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Apr 25, 2014 — I have a Rem 788 in.

What year is my Remington 700 serial number?

Then if the gun is ever subsequently returned to a warranty center or the factory by ANYONE, they will refuse to work on it as an unsafe firearm.

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The Remington Model 700 was based on previous Remington models that came after World War II.
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A good description of the Remington 788 and some amateur projects to spiff one up.

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ELECTRIC EXECUTIVE 1925 L"5" 6-Q"5" 848M 521M 1910M 131M 1926 L"6" Q"6" 940M 560M 2070M 145M 1927 B"7" Q"7" 1036M 662M 2210M 160M 1928 B"8" Q"8" 1134M 736M 2330M 177M 1929 Z120M X106M 1236M 861M 2450M 204M 1930 Z212M X157M 1348M 939M 3635M 3600M 240M 1931 Z283M X188M 1435M 999M 3825M 3817M 276M 1932 Z405M X205M 1525M 1036M 4085M 3882M 310M 16 1933 Z417M X216M 1554M 1050M 4130M 3885M 325M 1934 Z438M X234M 1617M 1087M 4200M 3895M 360M 10M 1935 Z479M 10-X332M 1723M 1146M 4300M 3924M 393M 11M 1936 Z521M X370M 1847M 1209M 4440M 3944M 435M 21M 1937 Z566M X398M 2005M 1285M 4610M 3966M 471M 26M 1938 Z615M X459M 2178M 1397M 4800M 4800M 502M 30M 1939 J100M X468M 2320M 1457M 4965M 4965M 523M 34M 1940 J154M X500M 2494M 1525M 5155M N5155M 547M 38M 1941 J248M X523M 2681M 1616M 5340M N5340M 573M 47M 17 1942 J390M X572M 2901M 1726M 5540M N5563M 602M 61M 1943 J533M X602M 3026M 1788M 5715M 5690M 623M 77M 1944 J542M X603M 3026M 1793M 5715M ----- 643M 80M 1945 J605M X608M 3037M 1850M 5760M ----- 665M 86M 1946 J780M X608M 3094M 1917M 5849M ----- 730M 97M 1947 J1058M X629M 3273M 2002M 6124M 5908M 783M 146M 1948 J1332M X685M 3550M 2108M 6310M 5926M 856M 192M [UNK] 1949 J1515M X702M 3865M 2193M 6530M 5937M 892M A-003M A-000M 1950 J1642M [UNK] X717M 4100M 2282M 6638M 1000M A-029M A-006M 1951 J1964M E1,950,000 X740M 4360M 2358M 6814M 1130M A-065M A-015M 1952 J2208M E2,092,000 X769M 4688M 3103M 7010M 1142M A-104M A-025M [UNK] 600 "700" 1953 J2353M E2,116,000 X781M 4990M 3200M 7270M 1166M 1750M A-146M A-038M 1954 J2455M E2,131,000 X794M 5248M 4025M 7420M 1176M 1768M A-300M A-054M 1955 J2550M E2,153,000 X805M 3500M 4098M 7600M 1820M A-350M 1956 J2630M E2,190,000 X813M 5787M 4200M 7800M 1852M 1957 J2744M E2,227,000 X825M 6088M 4256M 7950M 2100M 1958 J2811M E2,263,000 X833M 6415M 4312M 8143M 2139M Royal Electric, Smith-Corona Electric and Underwood Electric Typweriters are numbered in the same series as Standard Machines.

What year is my Remington 700 serial number?

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