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Sixty6 Magazine Launch

Demi Rose was spotted at the Sixty6 Magazine launch party last night, have graced the cover of the magazine in the nude.

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Still, this cover shot by Gavin Glave leaves little to the imagination: The accompanying shoot has found its way onto the Internet — this is 2016, after all — while other photographs have been previewed by Mawby herself on Instagram, where she becomes naked royalty.


Will you be screenshooting if anything good pops up? MailOnline may earn commission on sales from these product links Siren: In another shot, Jess bared all as she stripped down to the buff and lay on the ground, arching her back to make the most of her famous derriere In another shot, Jess bared all as she stripped down to the buff and lay on the ground, arching her back to make the most of her famous derriere.

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Daring to bare all, the model left nothing to the imagination as she posed fully nude to grace the cover of magazine.

Demi Rose Mawby Is Naked Royalty For The Cover Of Sixty6 Magazine

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Demi Rose goes topless and flashes her bum in sizzling new photoshoot

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Love Island's Jessica Shears topless for Sixty6 shoot

With her influencer career beginning at 18, her images gained her a huge amount of traction, building her worldwide following.


SIXTY6 is a platform for models, photographers and artists to showcase their work in a vibrant and unique triannual magazine For "sensual content" add sixty6mag on Snapchat as Demi is going to the launch party tonight.


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Demi Rose in VERY plunging sheer scarlet gown at Sixty6 magazine launch

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Demi Rose Mawby Is Naked Royalty For The Cover Of Sixty6 Magazine

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Love Island's Jessica Shears topless for Sixty6 shoot

And in another, she is seen having Marilyn Monroe moment as her short skirt is blown up revealing her bum.