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Is 'Love, Victor' Related to 'Love, Simon'? Yes and No.

Meanwhile, the best aspect of Love, Victor is how both Victor as a character and the show itself are coming from a place of anger about that.

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That said, it does give us the delightful gift of comedian Ali Wong as the only teacher at Creekwood to make any sort of impression, and in general, it's reasonably well-cast.

Is Love, Simon on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime?

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Leah is hurt because she actually had feelings for Simon, and takes offense at the fact that he came out to Abby before coming out to her.

'Love, Simon' TV Series Moves From Disney+ to Hulu

So when the opportunity came along to do a sequel follow-up of sorts, we said, 'Why not set in the same world a very, very different kind of coming-out story and create a character who doesn't have this incredibly liberal set of parents, who doesn't have a group of friends who he's known since childhood, who's transferring into a new school and a new world at 15 years old, and has a much tougher road ahead of him as he's figuring out his sexuality? This awakening begins when the Salazar family move from Texas to Simon's old stomping grounds in Atlanta where Creekwood High School is based.

How Hulu's Love Victor connects with Love Simon movie

Victor Michael Cimino is also closeted, but as he writes to the now legendary Simon via Instagram DM, they are not the same.

'Love, Victor' Review: Hulu's 'Love, Simon' Spinoff is Pleasant, Bland

"We tried to mix it up in terms of whether he's actually listening to Simon in terms of what to do or making decisions on his own so it didn't feel like every episode was Victor just doing what Simon told him.

Is 'Love, Victor' Related to 'Love, Simon'? Yes and No.

Love, Simon starts with the line, "I'm just like you," but it's vital we remember that this isn't always true.

'Love, Simon' TV Series Moves From Disney+ to Hulu

Hulu made it Twitter official, sharing the first two photos from Love, Victor which feature the titular character, Victor Michael Cimino.